Training / Accreditations

Training / Accreditations

Prior to the establishment of the Bed Bug Foundation (a non-profit organisation), and the publishing of the European Code of Practice ECoP (January 2013), there was no UK nationally recognised standard for bed bug control or investigation using civilian search dog teams in any discipline. This includes drugs, explosives or security dog handling. Within the European Code of Practice Version 2 Bed bug Management, the Bed Bug Foundation, recognises the potential of professional scent detection services and BBI are working closely with the Bed Bug foundation, scent detection services and Milton Keynes laboratory, to establish best practice for the training and validation of bed bug scent detection dogs.

Many organisations exist to ensure professional standards and provide civilian dog handler courses in associated fields/ disciplines such as:

  • NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users)
  • BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) 
  • NTIPDU (National Training Inspectorate of Professional Dog Users) 
  • HABC (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance)  
  • EDI (Vocational qualification supplier)
  • The KCAI scheme – (The Kennel Club Accreditation scheme)
However, each organisation sets its own assessment criteria which will vary dependent upon the industry and the organisation, much of which is covered by ‘The Animal Welfare Act 2006’ and ‘The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991’.  Each is run as a business which has a requirement for profit, despite not being able to offer a nationally recognised standard of attainment, and claims to the contrary.


The Bed Bug Foundation has taken the groundbreaking step to develop and sponsor a UK bed bug investigation and dog detection training programme. Its aim is to establish the best practice for training and validation of bed bug detection dogs, with a view to delivering a recognised code of practice for the UK.  Prior to doing so the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) was the only nationally recognised standard of training and subsequent assessment.  It is however only for police dog handler teams and therefore ACPO are unable to ‘accredit’ non-police dog handler teams.


At Bed Bug Investigation Limited our training is governed by the Bed Bug Foundation whose guidelines and assessment criteria is based on the ‘Association of Chief Police Officers’ stringent criteria, a government body who exist to ensure quality and training for police dog teams. The standards provide a baseline for bed bug scent detection, and by utilising the guidelines of the organisation together with those stipulated by the Bed bug Foundation, along with ongoing training and assessment, Bed Bug Investigation Limited will ensure it stays at the forefront of the industry.